Our Story

The Pillsbury Company was founded in 1869, by Charles A. Pillsbury when he bought part-interest in a flour mill located along the banks of the Mississippi River in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

In 1872 he introduced a premium flour brand named "Pillsbury's Best", while in 1881 Pillsbury's "A" Mill was completed, being the largest and most modern mill in the world!

Between 1881 and 1948, several new products based on flour were introduced. In 1949 the first Pillsbury Bake-off contest, the "Grand National Baking Contest" was held at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel, in New York City!

In 1959 the Pillsbury Company became an International company. In 1965, the Doughboy makes its debut in a commercial for Pillsbury crescent rolls and since then remains a very popular product character.

In 1988 the Pillsbury Company was acquired by Grand Metropolitan and in 2001 by General Mills who owns the brand since then. Thus, one of the largest food companies in the world, was created!

Pillsbury in SA!

Pillsbury is the trusted, quality and innovation leader in premium baking. Scrumptious mouth-watering cakes and decadent brownies, ready-to-spread frostings are just some of the convenient offerings. Made with the finest ingredients and based on home-made recipes, Pillsbury mixes guarantee easy-to-prepare, flop proof results and a delicious homemade taste. It's not surprising that moms everywhere trust Pillsbury to provide easy ways to create delightful family moments.

Pillsbury™ believes that the ability to MAKE is in everyone's hands and our purpose is to inspire and empower the MAKERS in all of us. The Pillsbury™ range brings simple ways to add a little more joy and decadence to TODAY!

Whether it is for an occasion with family or friends, taking time out to do something to express yourself and seize the day or having fun with your kids in the kitchen, Pillsbury™ helps MAKE those potential moments of specialness real and brings the possibility of decadence to the home.